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Our Horses and Ponies

We are very fortunate to have 9 wonderful horses that are used within our therapeutic programmes. Some of these horses are owned by RDA and some are privately owned by riders who have advanced through the riding skills programme and have purchased their own horse capable of both progressing their riding skills and assisting with the therapeutic riding programme.


Each RDA-owned horse costs over 2,000 per year to keep healthy and fit for our programmes. Maintaining these amazing horses and ponies is only possible with the help of our community.


If you think you might be interested in sponsoring one of our RDA owned mounts by covering the cost of their feed and a winter blanket, please click here. Sponsors will receive a framed picture of their sponsored horse, an opportunity for a 'meet and greet'  and of course all all secured sponsorships are tax deductible.

Ben is a 10 year old crossbred gelding who joined us in late 2019.


Ben has stepped into the programme like a natural and loves the attention he gets from riders and volunteers.

Ben is looking like he will be out go-to horse for independent riders filling the shoes of our recently retired superstar, Hamish.

Owned and loved by the Edmond family

Uli is an 20- something (a gentleman never tells his age) year old Welsh gelding who joined us in 2013.

Uli is everything you could ever want in a pony: kind, bombproof, gentle and willing. Uli has looked after hundreds of young kids and made fine young riders out of many.

Uli continues to compete and take young riders around the first ridden and lead rein classes.

Elmo is a 9 year old Thoroughbred that joined us in 2016.

Elmo is a young horse with a very old soul, good looks and the sweetest personality. Elmo excels with nervous or timid riders and provides exceptional trust and kindness with everyone who works with him.


Elmo dips his toes in a bit of dressage and low key show jumping now and then as well.

Fudge is a 11 year old Welsh Cob gelding who joined us in 2015. 

Fudge is an incredibly versatile pony who genuinely loves his human friends. This alongside his strong yet short stature makes him an ideal RDA mount for a variety of riders. 


Fudge loves getting out to local gymkhanas and competing in events and Cat B Show Hunter divisions. Fudge has carried two young riders to win the Andrew Pryde Trophy at the McKenzie Cup Show. 

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Kade is a 8 year old Connemara gelding who joined DRDA in September of 2016.

Kade's forte is assisting riders with compromised mobility. Kade has steady paces, a very kind nature and strong build, making him an amazing RDA horse.

Kade holds his own in the Cat C Show Hunter division with is owner and is our go-to beach pony!

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Kuia is a 19 year old Warmblood mare who joined us in late 2019. Kuia has a background in dressage and is an incredibly sweet mare. 

Kuia is one of our bigger horses at 15.3 and is well positioned to take on some of our bigger riders and riders looking to develop more advanced riding skills along their journey with us. 

Kuia is still undergoing training and we look forward to bringing her into the programme later this year!

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Feathers is a 10 year old Clydie cross mare who joined us in December of 2017 on lease from Ms. Grace Grey. 

Now owned by DRDA, Feathers is a solid girl at about 15hh who who loves her food and attention. Her quiet nature and steady paces make her an excellent mount for our programme.

Feathers enjoys getting out to the show hunter and local mini shows. 

Owned and loved by the Greig/Garlick family

Max is a 17 year old cross bred gelding by the local Turbo Timer stallion. Max's experience makes him an excellent mount for his teenager owner and his big steady paces make him a great mount for a few of our more advanced/older riders in the programme. 

Max's easy nature and willingness to please make him a gem to work with and we cant wait to see where he and his young owner go!

Jenny is an older gal who enjoys the finer things in life: food, relaxation, good weather and a handsome neighbour. 

Jenny is our go-to gal when one of our regulars is missing a shoe, disturbed by the weather, feeling unwell or simply needs a break. We thank Jenny for the respite she provides some of our regular mounts!

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