Our Horses and Ponies

We are very fortunate to have 9 wonderful horses that are used within our therapeutic programmes. Some of these horses are owned by RDA and some are privately owned by riders who have advanced through the riding skills programme and have purchased their own horse capable of both progressing their riding skills and assisting with the therapeutic riding programme.


Each RDA-owned horse costs over 2,000 per year to keep healthy and fit for our programmes. Maintaining these amazing horses and ponies is only possible with the help of our community.


If you think you might be interested in sponsoring one of our RDA owned mounts by covering the cost of their feed and a winter blanket, please click here. Sponsors will receive a framed picture of their sponsored horse, an opportunity for a 'meet and greet'  and of course all all secured sponsorships are tax deductible.

Owned and loved by the Edmond family

Owned and loved by the Greig/Garlick family

Questions? Email us at info@rdadunedin.org



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