RDA Recreational Riding School

Graduating From DRDA Therapeutic Programmes:

Riders with disabilities who are placed within the recreational riding stream (see here for more details on our streams) may wish to continue advancing their riding skills beyond the scope of our RDA  therapeutic group sessions. DRDA coaches will discuss 'graduation' from the RDA programmes with riders who are trotting independently and well suited to joining the DRDA recreational riding school.


Riders with disabilities who graduate into the DRDA recreational riding school can anticipate a cost of $35 for a 45 - 60 minute private lesson or $30 for a 45- 60 minute group lesson. Riders with disabilities who participate in the riding school must still maintain a current medical consent to receive this rate. 

Riders Without Disabilities:

The DRDA recreational riding school also offers both private and group lessons to riders without disabilities who do not have their own horse but wish to learn basic to intermediate riding skills and participate in low-level competitions. Riders without disabilities can anticipate a cost of $35 for a 45 - 60 minute group lesson or $45 for a 45 - 60 minute private lesson. 

Click here to register a rider without a disability into the riding school. Please note we do have a waiting list for our riding school and priority is always given to our graduating riders with disabilities.

Please also note that all riders are charged for cancellations. 

Competing with DRDA Riding School:

All riders who participate in the DRDA riding school are given the option to participate in our horse shows run at the DRDA facility and also dressage and show jumping shows run locally. Riders who wish to compete a local shows, however, must ride AT LEAST 2x per week in either group or private lessons. While riding 2x per week does make a rider eligible to compete a local shows, it does not mean these riders will be given the privilege automatically. Local shows only allow one rider to compete a horse and therefore the following is considered when heading to a local show:

1) Riders with disabilities are always given first option to compete a DRDA horse at a local show

2) Riders who volunteer and contribute to the DRDA programme are also given preference

3) Riders who have been the fewest shows will be given preference


Only riders who will represent the DRDA programmes with a positive attitude, good sportsmanship and good horsemanship will be considered for participation.

DRDA Riding School Philosophy:

Operating the DRDA Recreational Riding School serves as our primary fundraiser and enables DRDA to maintain our 8 fabulous mounts. DRDA strongly believes that by operating the riding school we are better able to meet the needs of our wonderful horses and ponies by supplementing their therapeutic sessions with more advanced flatwork, jumping and frequent outings to competitions. These activities ensure our horses stay fit, healthy, happy and looking their best. 

If you have any questions about the DRDA Recreational Riding School, email info@rdadunedin.org

Questions? Email us at info@rdadunedin.org



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