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DRDA Community Riding

Welcome to our community riding information page. 

Dunedin Riding for Disabled (DRDA) offers lessons to the wider public. These lessons are second to our core purpose therapy/ disability program and offer our horses variety in life. Spots are limited. Our community riding differs from term to term depending on the horses Therapy workload and welfare needs

Our community riding program focuses on all round horse care and riding and consists of  different skill levels in which we teach the fundamental riding skills up to and including trotting and first canters. On days where weather conditions do not allow safe riding we will teach unmounted lessons. Riders will learn horsemanship such as how to lunge a horse, parts of the horse, horse nutrition and tack care among other things to help broaden the rider’s overall horse knowledge. Each rider will be involved in helping setting their goals while in our lessons 


We start with a six week taster program for first time riders where riders learn horse care, how to groom, tack, safety around horses and basic riding skills to walk independently.

If riders wish to continue in our program after completing the taster program next is a  six week course that works on the riders trotting. 

Once riders have a solid posting trot they are eligible to move into group lessons of a minimum of 8 per term, these are up to four riders with two coaches. Riders work on riding skills at trot, during the term if a rider has something that needs extra attention they can be taken for a one on one .   

If your potential rider has attended lessons elsewhere where we would require to do an assessment to find out where your rider will fit in our program this does have a cost for time of $40.

If you are interested in joining our Community Riding, Click here to fill out a Rider Application Form. 

Once we receive your registration form one of our team will be in touch with you via email.

2024 Community Riding Lesson Dates :

Term 1 - 12 February - 12 April

Term 2 - 29 April - 28 June

Term 3 - 5 August - 27 September

Term 4 - 14 October - 6 December

*Length of riding lessons are from 45 mins to 1 hour. Part of the lesson may include, horsecare or retrieving horses. Please discuss with coaches if you are unsure what the expectations are for your lesson.


Lessons do not run on public holidays

Otago anniversary is observed on Easter Tuesday

Adverse Weather Policy: In the event where it is deemed unsafe to ride, lessons will be unmounted and focus on horsemanship and practical theory (horse welfare, horse parts, gear maintenance and safety etc). Unmounted lesson plans are geared towards all riding levels. There may be times where all of the above are impossible, DRDA lessons will be canceled. 

Cancellation Policy:  There are no refunds for rider cancellations.


In the event that lessons are canceled by DRDA staff , you will be offered a makeup lesson at our earliest convenience. If you are unable to attend your makeup lessons there will be no refunds.

DRDA charges a term fee regardless of cancellations or makes ups. For more information on this please email

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