Volunteer with DRDA

RDA volunteers are extremely important and we simply could not run the programme and care for the horses without them. Volunteers do everything from building, gardening, painting, cleaning, feeding and brushing horses, to working with the kids directly in the programme (see videos below).  

We ask that volunteers who enquire be prepared for a weekly commitment for at least one term.  


Here are the steps to becoming a volunteer:


1. Click here to register your interest

2. Click here to read the volunteer handbook and important safety information

3. Email info@rdadunedin.org to organise an orientation

If you are interested in helping with the riders directly, here are some additional steps:

4. Watch the videos below

5. Complete the police form here. You must save the form as a PDF and include an ESignature (or scan with signature). If you need assistance with this, please email safety@rdadunedin.org. Complete police forms need to be sent direct to safety@rdadunedin.org along with a copy of your photo ID. 

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!