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DRDA Disabilities Program

Dunedin’s Riding for Disabled Program caters to a wide range of people from the community. We are a goals and outcome based program based in Fairfield, with a small team of amazing horses, wonderful volunteers and trained coaches.

At Dunedin RDA we work alongside whānau, schools and the riders' wider community to help set goals and outcomes for each rider. Our program is split into three categories: Therapy, Education and Sports/Rec. Riders will be streamed into one of these categories based on their goals and needs. We regularly monitor and review the rider's program and goals to ensure the rider is continuing to progress. A rider who has achieved all their goals may graduate from the RDA program and have the option of joining our riding school program where they ride alongside riders of all abilities.


Our sessions vary depending on the rider's needs. These groups can be up to four riders per session, again depending on individual riders needs.

At Dunedin RDA, we pride ourselves in offering a high quality service to riders with a wide variety of disabilities and whilst we do try to cater to everyone we are restricted by our resources (horses and personnel).  If you have questions regarding our program please email:

Please note we currently have a rider weight limit of 72.5kg this due to the height & breed of horses we have currently and to ensure rider, rider assistant and horse safety at all times. If you have any questions around this please email

If you think you have a rider that may benefit from our program, click here to fill out a Rider Referral Form. 

If you are inquiring regarding a school please click here to fill a School Interest Form.

Once we receive your riders referral our coach will be in touch with you via email.

2024 Group & Private Session Dates (Tuesday-Friday 9am-1pm). Sessions do not run on Stat holidays:

​Term 1 - 12 February - 12 April

Term 2 - 29 April - 28 June

Term 3 - 5 August - 27 September

Term 4 - 14 October - 6 December

DRDA Adverse Weather Policy: In the event of adverse weather, DRDA group & private sessions will be unmounted and focus on gearing up, horsemanship and practical theory (horse colours, breeds, etc). Unmounted lesson plans are geared towards all abilities. Where inappropriate or impossible, DRDA lessons will be cancelled. 


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